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Hi, my name is Jueenn, and I am the founder of Teezlab. I’ve had experience working in the apparel industry focusing on children wear for over 20 years. After having 2 kids of my own, they’ve changed my perspective on children's wear. Until them, I didn’t realise how fast they grow up and how quickly they grow out of their entire wardrobe.

 The fastest I’ve ever experienced this was when I had to do an entire wardrobe change is just a span of 5 months… FOR THE BOTH OF THEM!

So, it’s safe to say that I understand the frustration that most parents go through about kids clothing, especially when it comes to the essentials, like home wear and sleep wear. As my kids grew, it was something that I had to shop for constantly to ensure that my kids were comfortable (growing children, am I right? Hahaha).

It was because of this frustration that I created Teezlab with my wonderful teammates.

We all believe in one key thing: Teezlab was created to solve all parents’ frustration when shopping for children’s clothes. We are committed to going the extra mile to source for the most comfortable, easy to care for, durable and affordable apparel for your child to accompany them through their day and night.

 It’s what I wish I had as my kids grew, and it’s what I am offering you. 

Our Core Values

We create comfortable essentials in gender-neutral colours and minimalistic designs

We produce high quality products that last for a lifetime for a better investment

We work hard to bring value to our community by supporting local talents & nurturing relationships

I am grateful to be supported by good friends who are experts in manufacturing and share my goals about producing high-quality items that last for multiple life cycles and at a fair cost so that we can truly be a brand that brings value to our customers as well as the local community.

Jueenn Chau
Mummy & Founder

Our comfy essentials come in gender-neutral colours and timeless designs made in knit materials that are easy to mix-and-match, soft to touch and require minimal care - all with a cool minimalistic vibe reminiscent of mum and dad's wardrobe.

Designed for everyone - your daughter, son, mother and father!


Create unforgettable memories with your friends and family today with Teezlab